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Thursday, 29 August 2019

September 2019

Dear Friends

Welcome to our September newsletter! We start with news of the All Saints BBQ this Saturday which is now not just for the children's groups but for everyone associated with the life of All Saints. No need to let me know if you can come - but if you are able to help with the BBQ please let me know

Our Church Newsletter is soon to arrive from the printers. Here is an online version of it.
If you can help to have it arranged into piles for delivering to streets please come to All Saints church on Saturday 7th September at 2.30pm after the 1pm wedding. 
If you can deliver to a street and are currently not on the list of deliverers, please let me know by emailing me at

The Team Unity Update for September is here

Do come to our Barn Dance and Harvest Supper at the end of September:

Here are some more notices of importance:

Luke, who organises our alarms at our church, is doing a special sponsored event which I am happy to mention here. Please click below:

Luke Ticket Sponsored event

It is an anxious time. Let us all join in in prayer for our Government, Parliament and country at this difficult time. Do come to the Peace Day as part of that as on the newsletter.

With every good wish

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

August Xtra update

Dear all

Thank you to all of you for your feedback from the YouTube Xtra that I did last month.

There were lots of positive comments but many also missed the print version so this month I am doing the print version.

If I try a Video version again it will be a lot briefer and the second half of the video will contain information that regulars to this webpage are already familiar with so they will not need to view it again (details of our regular groups and service times etc).

Or, time allowing, it might be possible to embed videos into this written version as a way of bringing both formats together.

Anyway - what I can say is that this August version is definitely going to be a written version and is a lot shorter than usual due to this quieter time of the year.

Our normal service pattern follows the same format on all Sundays in August except for Sunday 11th August. Here is a piece I have just written for Prayer Pointers which I will paste here.


On Sunday 11th August  have a change to our usual services with our Pet Blessing Service and also our Picnic Eucharist both in the Vicarage garden (moving to the Church hall if it is raining).

The 8am Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion will take place as usual but then at 10am at the Vicarage garden we will have our Pet Blessing service which is now in its 13th year.

The Vicarage garden is immediately to the left of All Saints Church and Hall and All Saints Nursery on the same side of the road as the church. The address is Church Street, CT5 1PG

All those who have pets are welcome to come along and if you do not have a pet then you are still most welcome. I encourage you also to bring a garden chair with you though a limited number of chairs will be provided. We will provide water for the pets which tend to be dogs and rabbits and guinea pigs though we have had snails and snakes are cats on occasion though do be careful as one year a cat ran away only to be reunited with its owners some eight months later.

This service is important as it reminds us of the importance of animals and particularly pets as an important source of companionship to so many of us. For some people they are the most important living creature in their lives.

After the 10am Pet Blessing service we will have our Picnic Eucharist which will start at 11am and finish at 1pm. You are welcome to have your pet stay for this or take it home and return and join the Picnic Eucharist.

For the Picnic Eucharist you need to bring your own picnic and drink and a garden chair, though limited seating again will be available for those who do not bring a garden chair with them.

This is an important service which highlights the value of being outside, valuing and appreciating God’s creation, and also the importance of social interaction as an important part of the life of the church. We are not just to be isolated individuals who come to worship. We are members of the family of God. Therefore worship and social interaction together are important. 

Both services have been given approval by previous Bishops of the Diocese. We do look forward to seeing you there, or in the hall if it is wet.  

Children and Family events at All Saints’  Whitstable in August

All Saints’ Whitstable is inviting all families within our pastoral district or whom we have contact with already who have babies, tots and children of primary school age and older siblings for two Holiday Club Picnics.

Thurs 1st August - Teddy Bear & Story Picnic at the Vicarage Garden, 10am till 1pm;

Thurs 8th August - Tiny Singers & HolyBalloo's Minnis Bay Picnic, 10am-1pm;

Sat 31st August - End of Summer Children's BBQ @ All Saints Vicarage Garden, 2-5pm for children and their parents and siblings

All families are welcome. Please note both holiday club are parents stay in. To register your place please call All Saints Children & Families Minister Elena Markova on 07719983363 or email
Come and join the summer fun.


The very successful Whitstable Community Wardrobe is operating again this summer. There is a drop off for uniform in the porch at All Saints Church hall. Distribution of uniform points and dates are in the information below.

The local contact for All Saints for this project is Christine Daldorph who is organising a team to clean and iron uniform. Do contact her at  if you can help


I have now placed many of these on a new YouTube page so as not to clutter the website with lots of sermons.

You can access the YouTube page at the below link. 

YouTube is used by the Diocese and the national Church of England as the best way of delivering media in visual or audio format.

 Please note that "suggested videos" at the end of each video are suggestions which YouTube have calculated based on YouTube's interaction with your own computer or tablet, ipad or smart phone's use of YouTube or interaction with Google search which is You tube's parent company and are not being suggested by  All Saints Whitstable in any way.

Finally may I wish you a very blessed August with lots of time for relaxation and appreciation of God's beautiful creation. You can find out main website with service  times at this link

Rev Simon Tillotson

Thursday, 16 May 2019

June 2019

Dear all

I do hope you are very well and are enjoying the warmer weather. After surviving so many months of colder and more gloomy weather I do pray we all get time to enjoy the beauty of God's creation at this time of the year.

June is an important month in the life of All Saints. However, before I talk about June I would like to mention a notice from Gordon Williams who has organised the Christian Aid this year.

Gordon writes:

Many thanks to our collectors, in particular, and the many generous contributors towards Christian Aid Week this year. Our collection totals £3230.40 so far with £2549.52 got by knocking on doors, £680.88 by “Singing for Fun and Health” and the Church and Street donations.  This total is up from last year by £435.57 with a further £100 approximately to come from Sue Stokes’ sponsored walk.  This year £1003.24 was gift aided adding an extra 25%(£250.81)to the total amount.  Door to door collecting may not be popular but is still the most effective way to collect a large sum quickly!  An excellent effort by all!

Simon writes..
I agree that it is a truly excellent total and I would like to thank all those who collected and also all those who donated over htat important week.

The next thing to let you know about is my Christianity and Buddhism course.


The dates in question will be

20th May, 3rd June, 1st, 8th and 15th of July, and 12th and 19th August. Timings will be from 7.30pm to 9.15pm in the church.

We had a large group of people attending the first week and it is not too late to join.

You can watch the videos of the first week's talks at this link:

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEOS OF WEEK 1 Buddhism and Christianity course

You can email me at if you would like to attend the course and attendance at all the sessions is not in any way necessary - just come to what you can. Do note that the course is in the church so it may be an idea to bring a cushion with you and your own drink as catering in the church is not easy.

The course is free of charge.


We are short of helpers for three things in particular at the moment

1) The Coffee/ Tea rota - after church on Sunday. Please contact Pat Hudgell if you can help - her phone number is 01227 280262. If we do not get new helpers then the current teams will have to do their duties more often so please do consider it.

2) Friday 31st May 4pm. If you are free on this day, we need helpers to come to the church at 4pm to help put our fliers that go round our community into street packs. If you can help please let me know by emailing me at
3) We need helpers to actually deliver these fliers round the parish. We do not use our normal delivery folk for these additional fliers, though of course they are welcome to help if they wish. Piles of the fliers should be in the church on Saturday 1st June and Saturday 8th June from 10am to 11.30am or after church on Sundays. Again, if you can help, please let me know by emailing me at 

The next thing I would like to mention is the Novena which is nine days of prayer between Ascensiontide and Pentecost. This is an important time of waiting on God and you are welcome to attend any of the prayer events happening during the Novena.

Here is the programme for the Novena:

         ALL SAINTS NOVENA             

Nine days of prayer between Ascension and Pentecost

All events at All Saints unless otherwise stipulated

Do please try and come to some of these events!

Friday 31st May                5pm Celtic Evening Prayer

Saturday 1st June         1.50pm for 2pm Prayer walking round parish. Meet at 1.50pm in church. Walk and pray for 90 minutes round various streets. Return to church for 3.30pm for final time of prayer. We leave the church at 2pm so please aim to arrive by 1.50pm.

Sunday 2nd June       Normal morning services.
6.30pm Benediction with Solemn Evensong at St Peter’s, Sydenham Street
8pm Compline
Monday 3rd June     8am Morning Prayer
5pm Team Evening Prayer at St John’s Swalecliffe

Tuesday 4th June     10am Holy Communion at St Peter’s, Sydenham Street
8pm Sacred Space – one hour of prayer and reflection and meditation

Wednesday 5th June  7pm Compline

Thursday 6th June      10am Holy Communion with Healing prayer
5pm Common worship Evening Prayer

Friday 7th June             10am Prayer on the Street at Tankerton, meet at The Street, the promontory
leading out into the sea not far from Whitstable Castle.  Lasts 20 minutes.
5pm Celtic Evening Prayer

Saturday 8th June        Pilgrimage Walk to Canterbury Cathedral with other churches in the Whitstable
Assemble at All Saints car park at 11.45am for 12 noon departure. Bring drink and packed lunch. Event concludes with service in Cathedral at 4.30pm
which should conclude by 5.30pm. Please make your own way back to Whitstable by public transport. Open to anyone but please let Simon know you are planning to come.

Sunday 9th June  Pentecost Sunday

8am service as normal.

10am Family Service for Pentecost

8pm Compline

As a result of this programme, I have decided to move the Pet Service to our Family Service in August - it will take place at 10am on Sunday August 11th in the Vicarage garden and will be followed at 11.15am by the annual Picnic Eucharist on the same morning. Please note that the June Unity Update you will receive is incorrect as it states June 9th as being the date for the Pet Service.

You will notice that in the programme is included a pilgrimage walk to Canterbury. This is something that all the Church of England churches in Whitstable are involved in but if you are not a member of the Church of England and are not a churchgoer you are still welcome to join us.

Here are the full details. Please let me know you are intending to come as I need to ensure you are given a one day Cathedral pass (unless you already have a pass).


Full details of the programme will emerge over the coming days but here is a special note from Rebecca Parker-Binks who organises the event with Kevin Parkin and the Social Committee

All Saints’ Summer Fete on 22 June needs us all to create this unique yet traditional fair. If you have dipped and helped before and fancy helping again, we need you! If you have years and years of experience, we still need you! If you’ve never been involved, we want to include you and your friends. It’s a fun and truly Whitstable day in the beautiful Vicarage garden. Please email or chat to the Social Committee about sharing your talents with our wider community.

                                                                               Lord Owen

                                                                               Terry Waite



Children and Family Minister

However,  if you wish to contact our Junior Choir leader direct, Victoria Hall, her email address is  

The dates for Sacred Space for 2019

This takes place on the third Wednesday of each month at 2.30pm to 4pm at All Saints Church hall. This is great fun - a chance to singalong to a mixture of all sorts of songs in a relaxed setting in the hall with tea, coffee and cake.


A group that meets every Monday in the Church hall from 2pm to 3.30pm, apart from Bank Holidays. Cameo stands for Come And Meet Each Other. It is a friendly group where you can come and chat and make new friends.


The Film club meets on Thursdays from 11.15am to about 1.30pm nearly every week. It runs a mixture of films. Membership is £10 till the end of 2019 but we also ask for a contribution of £1 per person per week towards refreshments and heating costs.

The programme for the film club can be found by clicking HERE Send me an email for any of these groups and I will forward it to the group organiser.
Alternatively please feel welcome to call me on 01227 272308


Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of my Church Fellowship, I would like to invite you to share in our 150th Anniversary celebrations on Saturday 1st June. We are also having a special thanksgiving service at 10.45 am on Sunday 2nd June but I guess most of you will have commitments at your own church on that day.

As regards the Saturday especially, please see the attached publicity which could be printed off for your folk or for display on notice boards. If you wish copies of the fliers & poster I would be very happy indeed to provide these. Our church will be open during the Saturday from 10am to 12noon & from 2 to 4pm & we would love to welcome you & folk from your congregation to drop in. We will also be having an informal ceilidh in the evening, from 7 to 9.30pm,  to which you & they are again most warmly invited.
Your presence & participation would be such an encouragement to us at this really happy time when we are celebrating God’s faithfulness.
Warm regards,

Dear all,

Following the success of last years community Wardrobe where we estimate that 150 families were helped and around 1000 items of uniform were distributed we have decided to continue this project this year. Planning is already well underway and we are now at the point of collating a team of people for washing and ironing the donated uniform. I would be most grateful if you could run the following notice in your church notice sheets for a couple of weeks so we can gather a team for washing and ironing. Some of you may wish to change the contact name at the end of the notice to make it more applicable to your church.
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jane Myhill
Children and Families Minister
St Alphege Seasalter

Following the success of last year’s Community Wardrobe we are going to repeat the project this year to again support local families cope with the cost of school uniform. It’s a bit like a Foodbank, but with school uniform instead!

How can you help?
  • Would you be happy to wash, mend and / or iron the school uniform that is donated? Do get in touch.
  • Do you have any uniform that you can donate?  Look out for one of the ‘Community wardrobe’ bins that will soon be available in our churches.
  • Please spread the word and also pray for this project. 
If you are able to help, especially with the washing, mending and ironing please let Becky or Jane know at Seasalter Christian Centre ( or 01227 276923)

Location of Church - Click on picture!

All Saints Whitstable

All Saints Whitstable is a Church of England church in the Church Street area of Whitstable, between the railway station and the Thanet Way.
It has been in existence since at least the 12th century.
It is one of six churches that make up the Whitstable Team Ministry.
Church service times are 8am Holy Communion (BCP) and 10am Sung Communion on Sundays, with a Sunday Club for children.
A Family Communion takes place at 10am on the Second Sunday of each month where the children stay in church.
For more information on other services and general information please visit our main website which is or email the Vicar Rev Simon Tillotson at

The Holy Trinity by Andrei Rublev

The Holy Trinity by Andrei Rublev


If you do not receive a monthly reminder about this e-letter yet why not email the Vicar at and he will add your email address to the database. Then you will receive an email once a month, with the occasional one mid month, to keep you informed of things going on in the life of the church and the wider community.

All Saints Church Monthly Newsletter

All Saints Church Monthly Newsletter

Location of church

Location of church
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