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Saturday, 4 April 2020

April Xtra Newsletter 2020

Dear all

I think its safe to say the last month has been one of the most extraordinary in many of our lives. That is for sure.

My thoughts and prayers are with you if you are finding it really hard going, as I know many of you are.

My thoughts and prayers are also with you if you are struggling physically or have contracted the virus, or know someone who has.

I have done a video with a few thoughts which you can watch here if you so wish, but please read the newsletter first before clicking on the video.

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, usually quite an uplifting day as palms are given out to the congregation at the start of Holy Week.

As you will know, we are sadly unable to conduct services at the moment but there will be an online church service broadcast at 11am from the Vicarage tomorrow, Sunday, and I would like to invite you to join in by clicking on this video then. The service will be a celebration of Holy Communion.

The Church website has been updated a lot over recent weeks and there is now a lovely section featuring daily worship led by different members in the Clergy Team.

There is also a section called All Saints Voices where members of All Saints Whitstable have given reflections, many of them which are really powerful.


Elena Markova our Children and Families Minister has spent a lot of time preparing online events and groups.
You can read her letter HERE

Earlier this week the churchwardens, Margaret Arnold and John Johnson and I, sent out a letter to the congregation but it is also available to our wider contacts.
You can read our letter HERE

There is also a section on our website which has details of how the community is responding to the crisis. In case you cannot find the link to this you can find it HERE

I realise this is a lot to take in but I do hope you find all the online resources helpful.

If you follow the All Saints Whitstable Youtube channel or All Saints Whitstable Facebook page you will discover a number of additional events such as Video Blogs, services on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday and other such events. 

I am grateful that Peter Clements my churchwarden at St Peter's is allowing me to share of these links and websites with the congregation there as repeating this material twice would not make sense, though you are welcome to visit the St Peter's Facebook page and Geoff Court's Pioneer Minister Facebook page for material that is coming directly from St Peter's.

Finally, please pray for the wider Whitstable Team. There is a wonderful new Whitstable Team Ministry Facebook page where different members from different churches across the Team are interacting. Please pray for Rev Rachel Webbley our Team Rector, myself, Rev Paulette Stubbings and Rev David Vannerley and our teams of clergy and lay ministers. Thank you.

If you would like a regular reminder of this monthly email please do send me an email to and I will add you to the data file. 

Thoughts and prayers and love to all and see you online tomorrow at 11am! Don't forget to email me your own prayer requests please. Thank you. 


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All Saints Whitstable

All Saints Whitstable is a Church of England church in the Church Street area of Whitstable, between the railway station and the Thanet Way.
It has been in existence since at least the 12th century.
It is one of six churches that make up the Whitstable Team Ministry.
Church service times are 8am Holy Communion (BCP) and 10am Sung Communion on Sundays, with a Sunday Club for children.
A Family Communion takes place at 10am on the Second Sunday of each month where the children stay in church.
For more information on other services and general information please visit our main website which is or email the Vicar Rev Simon Tillotson at

The Holy Trinity by Andrei Rublev

The Holy Trinity by Andrei Rublev


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All Saints Church Monthly Newsletter

All Saints Church Monthly Newsletter

Location of church

Location of church
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