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Tuesday, 30 July 2019

August Xtra update

Dear all

Thank you to all of you for your feedback from the YouTube Xtra that I did last month.

There were lots of positive comments but many also missed the print version so this month I am doing the print version.

If I try a Video version again it will be a lot briefer and the second half of the video will contain information that regulars to this webpage are already familiar with so they will not need to view it again (details of our regular groups and service times etc).

Or, time allowing, it might be possible to embed videos into this written version as a way of bringing both formats together.

Anyway - what I can say is that this August version is definitely going to be a written version and is a lot shorter than usual due to this quieter time of the year.

Our normal service pattern follows the same format on all Sundays in August except for Sunday 11th August. Here is a piece I have just written for Prayer Pointers which I will paste here.


On Sunday 11th August  have a change to our usual services with our Pet Blessing Service and also our Picnic Eucharist both in the Vicarage garden (moving to the Church hall if it is raining).

The 8am Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion will take place as usual but then at 10am at the Vicarage garden we will have our Pet Blessing service which is now in its 13th year.

The Vicarage garden is immediately to the left of All Saints Church and Hall and All Saints Nursery on the same side of the road as the church. The address is Church Street, CT5 1PG

All those who have pets are welcome to come along and if you do not have a pet then you are still most welcome. I encourage you also to bring a garden chair with you though a limited number of chairs will be provided. We will provide water for the pets which tend to be dogs and rabbits and guinea pigs though we have had snails and snakes are cats on occasion though do be careful as one year a cat ran away only to be reunited with its owners some eight months later.

This service is important as it reminds us of the importance of animals and particularly pets as an important source of companionship to so many of us. For some people they are the most important living creature in their lives.

After the 10am Pet Blessing service we will have our Picnic Eucharist which will start at 11am and finish at 1pm. You are welcome to have your pet stay for this or take it home and return and join the Picnic Eucharist.

For the Picnic Eucharist you need to bring your own picnic and drink and a garden chair, though limited seating again will be available for those who do not bring a garden chair with them.

This is an important service which highlights the value of being outside, valuing and appreciating God’s creation, and also the importance of social interaction as an important part of the life of the church. We are not just to be isolated individuals who come to worship. We are members of the family of God. Therefore worship and social interaction together are important. 

Both services have been given approval by previous Bishops of the Diocese. We do look forward to seeing you there, or in the hall if it is wet.  

Children and Family events at All Saints’  Whitstable in August

All Saints’ Whitstable is inviting all families within our pastoral district or whom we have contact with already who have babies, tots and children of primary school age and older siblings for two Holiday Club Picnics.

Thurs 1st August - Teddy Bear & Story Picnic at the Vicarage Garden, 10am till 1pm;

Thurs 8th August - Tiny Singers & HolyBalloo's Minnis Bay Picnic, 10am-1pm;

Sat 31st August - End of Summer Children's BBQ @ All Saints Vicarage Garden, 2-5pm for children and their parents and siblings

All families are welcome. Please note both holiday club are parents stay in. To register your place please call All Saints Children & Families Minister Elena Markova on 07719983363 or email
Come and join the summer fun.


The very successful Whitstable Community Wardrobe is operating again this summer. There is a drop off for uniform in the porch at All Saints Church hall. Distribution of uniform points and dates are in the information below.

The local contact for All Saints for this project is Christine Daldorph who is organising a team to clean and iron uniform. Do contact her at  if you can help


I have now placed many of these on a new YouTube page so as not to clutter the website with lots of sermons.

You can access the YouTube page at the below link. 

YouTube is used by the Diocese and the national Church of England as the best way of delivering media in visual or audio format.

 Please note that "suggested videos" at the end of each video are suggestions which YouTube have calculated based on YouTube's interaction with your own computer or tablet, ipad or smart phone's use of YouTube or interaction with Google search which is You tube's parent company and are not being suggested by  All Saints Whitstable in any way.

Finally may I wish you a very blessed August with lots of time for relaxation and appreciation of God's beautiful creation. You can find out main website with service  times at this link

Rev Simon Tillotson

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All Saints Whitstable

All Saints Whitstable is a Church of England church in the Church Street area of Whitstable, between the railway station and the Thanet Way.
It has been in existence since at least the 12th century.
It is one of six churches that make up the Whitstable Team Ministry.
Church service times are 8am Holy Communion (BCP) and 10am Sung Communion on Sundays, with a Sunday Club for children.
A Family Communion takes place at 10am on the Second Sunday of each month where the children stay in church.
For more information on other services and general information please visit our main website which is or email the Vicar Rev Simon Tillotson at

The Holy Trinity by Andrei Rublev

The Holy Trinity by Andrei Rublev


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Location of church
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